Sleep is an important aspect for maintaining good Physical and Mental Health.
With the current lifestyles full of travelling, working late as per the demands of the job, pressure to achieve targets and more, sleep cycles are the first thing to suffer for a vast majority of people. Compounded by this is the effect of all the new technological gadgets- Smartphones, TV screens, LED lights that we are all surrounded with. The normal rhythm – Circadian (including our inherent Biological Clock) is disturbed as a result leading to all sorts of sleep problems.

Virtually all Mental Health conditions can have some form of sleep disturbance. Whether it is problems with falling asleep due to Anxiety, ADHD or other conditions; maintaining sleep due to Alcohol Use Disorder, PTSD or others; or due to waking up early due to Depressive disorders or others, optimising sleep becomes an important dimension of health improvement.


By use of specific sleep targeted assessments and Actigraphy, we are able to understand the individual persons activity and sleep related problems. Treatment is tailored to incorporate Sleep optimisation with CBT- I approaches, Lifestyle modifications, Management of Co-morbid disorders with or without medication.