Serenity is company of Consultant Psychiatrists who have a passion for offering a complete, holistic and a confidential service for people with Addictions and Mental Health problems. The company was formed to realise their commitment to help people through difficult times in life.

Why the lotus? The light violet coloured lotus reflects the colour of ‘Healing’ and the petals reflect the different stages, steps and interventions needed in the process of recovery. The green petals reflect the first and the last stages of ‘Recovery’. The lotus flower itself reflects the idea of doing things happily and with tranquility.

The Consultant Psychiatrists have extensive experience of treating these conditions and believe that ‘Recovery‘ is a journey, a journey that starts from the time of engagement and that this can be a peaceful one as one goes along.

They take pride in offering a truly unique service that integrates the need for medication, psychological and supportive interventions in a discrete and mutually respectful way.