Saksconsulting Ltd Privacy Notice

Saksconsulting Ltd is a company of Consultant Psychiatrists in Cardiff, UK. We (Saksconsulting Ltd) operate under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines and Data Protection Act 1998 which specifies that the company publish privacy notices regarding how personal information of the individual is used, stored, maintained, and ultimately deleted once the case is closed.

The lawful basis of storing and processing information arises from a duty to the courts for the individual’s claim/defence and/or for the individual’s healthcare.

The type of information we collect

1. We collect personal information related to the individuals healthcare and/or court related claim/defence.

How we collect the information

2. Information is received via the client’s solicitor(s) or company/agency working on the solicitor’s behalf (data controller).

3. Information is also collected directly from individuals during medico-legal and/or clinical assessment and examination.

4. Depending on the situations, we collect information about the individual from their family and/or carers for providing healthcare.

How we use this information

5. We use this information (as Data Processors) to fulfil the duties towards the Courts in medico-legal cases and for providing healthcare in clinical cases.

6. In court duties, the information is shared between the instructing solicitors, (and/or) the agencies acting on behalf of the Solicitors and the Court.

7. In providing healthcare, the information is shared between the referrer (GP or any other medical professional) and any other medical professional who has been identified as a healthcare provider in the individuals case.

8. We do not use any information collected for marketing.

How we store information securely

9. We use Dropbox, which is a secure cloud based GDPR compliant server. Information stored on any Database is solely for administration purposes and is password protected.

10. The information is only viewable to the instructing Expert Witness/Consultant Psychiatrist and the administration team whilst your case is active.

11. Any electronic transmission of information is through secure and encrypted system. We use Egress as the main secure system for transmission of information.

How long we store information for and How we destroy it

12. Following the settlement of your case, the information obtained from the solicitors/agencies acting on their behalf is destroyed securely. We use professional GDPR compliant shredding services and delete electronically held data from the secure servers. Only the medico- legal report produced by us is stored for our records.

13. Following discharge, in case of clinical cases, all information apart from the last clinical letter is destroyed securely. We use professional GDPR compliant shredding services and delete electronically held data from the secure servers.

Information about Children

14. We do not see or deal with any medico- legal case below the age of 18 years.

Access requests

15. Any access to your information in medico- legal cases must be requested from the Data Controller- the individual’s solicitor. The medico- legal report that we provide would be accessible to the individual via the solicitors in all cases as part of the court process.

16. In clinical cases, clinical letters can either be sent to the individual or be made available upon request. The individual’s GP would have the letters regarding the healthcare plans and access to information can be requested from the GP as well.

We review and update our Privacy Notices as per the legal requirements and publish the updated Notice on our website