Managing Human Resources is a fundamental aspect for any Corporate Organisation. The success of any business relies on a healthy workforce, which helps in improving productivity. But like any other human being, your workforce may also be vulnerable to stress, mental health problems and problems with addiction.

Our aim is to help you to support your workforce and increase your retention capacity and avoid recurrent ‘hiring and firing’ due to stress or illness. For this we can offer you tailor made packages to cater to your organisations needs-

  • Managing stress within the organisation- short workshops/group sessions
  • Screening, assessments and management of Mental Health problems
  • Point of Care Drug Testing to ensure compliance with corporate policies and procedures
  • Screening, assessments and management of Addiction problems within workforce

We understand that all members of Association of Personal Injury lawyers and other legal professionals dealing with Personal Injury and Family Law have to remain up to date with their professional development. We offer ‘Bespoke Training’ for their needs in a range of ways-

  • Seminars in Psychiatric Consequences of Personal Injury
  • Seminars in Psychiatric Developments relevant to Personal Injury Law
  • Seminars in the field of Addiction Psychiatry for Family Law

These seminars are of a maximum duration of 2 hrs and are delivered after normal working hours to avoid disruption of a normal days work can be booked at any time by contacting us.

Shortly APIL accredited seminars will be made available as well for CPD purposes.