Gambling Myths

MYTH– One has to Gamble everyday to be a Problem Gambler


A problem gambler may not need to gamble everyday. Problem gamblers may gamble everyday, frequently or infrequently. When gambling starts causing psychological, social, legal, employment and financial difficulties for the individual and/or for the people around them, then they may have a problem with gambling.

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Gambling Myths- 2

Problem Gambling is not a problem if the individual engaged in Gambling behaviour is able to afford it.

Affordability has got no association with Problem Gambling. When the relationship to gambling takes priority over other areas of life eg spending more time in Gambling and less time with significant others to fulfil the roles such as the role of a spouse, partner, parent, employee etc. that becomes Problem Gambling.

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Laughter is still the best medicine

Let’s end the 12 posts today with the best medicine- Laughter. Laughter does a lot of good to our mood and health. And a healthy mind is one that has the capability of seeing humour in most things and being able to see the lighter side of life.

Thinking of the old adage Old is Gold, here’s Abbott & Castello lightening up the mood with their classic baseball video.

Keep smiling always!

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