Psychiatrists Wars: Dr Crane v Dr Crane

Psychiatry is a serious matter. Little wonder then, that generally speaking,  psychiatrists are seen as a little stuffy and unapproachable, with an air of ‘superiority’ about them.  All the more important then, that we learn to laugh at ourselves a bit! The TV show ‘Frasier’ does a wonderful job of keeping our collective professional feet on the ground and raising a few smiles and chuckles along the way. Here’s one of my favourite moments:

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Post-war Soldiers Thoughts Revealed in New Play ‘ReEntry’

“Right now, I’m just happy that I’m not being shot at,” says John, a Marine captain who has returned from Iraq. “But at the same time, I’m kinda upset that I don’t have anyone to shoot.”

As Aaron Levin, the author of this insightful article from Psychiatric News/Psychiatry Online comments, “Well, that is a dilemma, isn’t it?”

ReEntry‘ explores the realities of dealing with the fallout of a military life in a ‘theatre of war’. The above quote may be the words of an actor, but they play’s script was informed by extensive interviews with U.S. Marines and their family members by writers KJ Sanchez and Emily Ackerman. Ackerman’s two brothers served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the younger surviving a roadside bomb blast in Iraq while his sister was creating the play. “That event ultimately became a core element in the play, combining personal trauma, disfiguring injury, and the deaths of comrades in arms.”

Levin remarks, “But one thing is clear: they may have posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms or skate too close to suicide, but these guys aren’t asking for or expecting pity. ” Read the article in full here.

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